Sony Entertainment Television’s Beyhadh is already turning the tables. Arjun and Maya’s married life has already started with lots of twists and turns. Ashwin’s murder and Jhanvi’s hallucinations have already been in line.

As per the current track, Arjun’s mom Vandana has already started hating Maya from the day of marriage. Infact she never wanted Arjun to marry Maya but now she is not ready to accept her at all. She thinks that Maya has an obsessive nature especially for Arjun even so she can even harm her son.¬†She does all sorts of things to take her out of life of Arjun.

In the coming episodes, she will throw garbage on her and even water on her. Maya’s hand gets hurt as Vandana doesn’t let her inside the house. All this is happening in front of Arjun so he gets irritated with his mom. He tells her that Maya has been trying to win her heart but Vandana doesn’t like her at all. If he would have been his own son then the situation might be different so he breaks all relations with his mother and brother. Are you all excited to watch it?