Star Plus’ Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai is already making the viewers glued to their television sets. Its been just started few days back and still managed to have gathered a large crowd of loyal viewers. The suspense and mystery are shooting up day by day.

The suspense is still over the truth of Priyam whether he is really a reincarnation of Abhimanyu or something fishy is going on. Priyam was about to leave the mansion but circumstances didnt go as per planned. He has come back and he knows all the details of Abhimanyu and Geetanjali’s relationship. He even knows the intimate details which only Geetanjali knows so she is confused “to be or not to be”.Her belief about Abhimanyu being alive is becoming true in her conscience.

Meanwhile Rishabh has managed to convince Geetanjali for remarriage; with her childhood friend Rajveer. But viewers there is still a twist in the tale, Rishabh had someone in his life named Ragini and there is some connection between Ragini and Abhimanyu. Even Kavya is not happy with Geetanjali’s decision of getting engaged with Rajveer as Kavya is in love with the same. So she is trying to stop the engagement. Even Priyam stops the engagement by telling Geetanjali during the ceremony that Abhimanyu’s car never met an accident. The brakes of the car failed due to some meddling with it so; it was a planned murder and not an accident. Geetanjali is heartbroken and she leaves the ceremony without getting engaged. So now what is the connection between Rishabh, Ragini and Abhimanyu. Any guesses?