Shah Rukh Khan is a big name and we guess people especially girls love him for his looks, acting skills as well as his sense of humour. Now Shah Rukh Khan is all set to make a comeback on Indian Television with a new show called Ted Talks.

It’s a talk show, a trait which Shah Rukh is best at. The first guest on the show is our KJo, Karan Johar. He has even posted a photo before the shoot on the social media. He has always been in limelight.

The second guest on the show was Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Although he was not physically present but a virtual conversation through Beam was arranged. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Even his pics were posted on Instagram.

Shah Rukh Khan has always won many hearts with his charm. We will yet again witness his charisma on Indian Television with this new show which is going to be on air in the month of October. Excited, aren’t you?


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