It seems like the makers are in mood of creating new problems in Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay has been seen taking stand for Anika always but the Oberoi family, especially Pinky blames Anika for every bad thing happens in Oberoi house.

Media will somehow manage to get an video of Oberoi family to defame the Oberois. Everybody will be embarrassed after watching the clip and this will make Tej furious. Tej will ask the media to provide him the phone number who sent them the clip. And guess what, it would be Anika’s phone number!

Anika will be shocked but everyone will blame Anika. Pinky will not leave the matter and she will call Anika a gold digger and she will even blame Anika. However, Shivaay will take stand for Anika and he announce that insulting Anika means his insult. Indeed, Anika will be shocked and yet happy seeing Shivaay’s concern for her.