Star Plus’s Ishqbaaz will witness high intensity drama when the focus will again shift to Rudra and Saumya’s untold love story. As the viewers are aware of Rudra and Saumya’s marriage.

As per our sources, Tej will ask Rudra to get married to Chaddha’s daughter for sake of family respect. Shocking to everyone’s attention, Rudra will agree for marriage. Saumya will stand in shock whereas Rudra will be mum. Shivaay will give green signal to Rudra’s relation as Chaddas has blood, money, respect and everything.

Shivaay would want to know Rudra’s wish but he won’t disclose his marriage truth. Anika will find the truth, she will manage to get the pictures of Rudra and Saumya’s wedding. When Anika reveal the truth, Shivaay will get shock and he would be angry on Anika. Will Anika able to prove Rudra and Saumya’s marriage in Ishqbaaz?