Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz has been entertaining the viewers with new twists and turns in Shivaay and Anika. Shivaay’s marriage decision has affected Anika and she is fuming in jealous as she couldn’t see Shivaay romancing Tia. Anika is all set to turn the tablets and scare Shivaay. In the coming episodes of Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz, Shivaay and Tia will continue their romance in order to make Anika feel the love and get jealous.

Shivaay’s plan will backfire him. Shivaay will be having headache and Anika will try to do his head massage but he will refuse and Tia will do instead. Shivaay will be enjoying the massage while Anika continues to fume. Pinka will order Anika to make garlands. Anika will crush those flowers and Pinky will scold her.

Upset Anika will try to do her work but she will lose her control when she finds Shivaay romancing Tia.  Anika will take a knife from a plate and threaten Shivaay leaving him shocked. Shivaay will try to cool her down but Anika continues scaring Shivaay. At last, Shivaay will back hug Anika and the romance will blossom again!