Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz will showcase a lot of new twists and turns in life Shivaay and Anika. The show has been entertaining the viewers with highs and lows in Shivaay and ANika’s relationship. We have seen Pinky’s decision of ruining Shivaay’s marriage had hurt Anika.

The show will soon head for a leap or in Gul’s word a ‘lapse’ of 3 months and this will introduce the heartbreaking separation track of Shivaay and Anika. Plus, Shivaay will have a new girl in his life but Anika would be alone again.

In the coming episodes, Anika will seek Tia’s help. And Tia will agree to help Anika as she helped her to reunite with Dushyant. Tia’s new plan will be indeed entertaining and yet surprising.

It will be seen that Tia will spy Pinky and Shivaay to know more about the truth. Tia will enter the Oberoi mansion as a maid to find more aboit it. Before that we will see that Anika will be spoiling her image in front of Shivaay and this will make Anika go out from the Oberoi Mansion.