Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz will continue to witness some new twists and turns in life of Shivaay and Anika. Pinky has already decided to separate¬†Shivaay and Anika and bring in huge twists and turns.

We have seen how Shivaay has realised he is madly in love with Anika. Shivaay and Anika also shared some intimate moments and later Shivaay kissed Anika. Anika is liking Shivaay’s love for her but Pinky reminded her to do something and get out of the Oberoi Mansion.

Anika will try to do something that will make Shivaay throw her out of the show. Anika’s changed behavior would be the lady’s master plan. In the coming episodes of Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz, Shivaay would like to spend some time with Anika.

However, Anika will behave strangely with Shivaay and also get furious after Pinky will taunt her. Shivaay will be completely shocked seeing Anika has changed her colours completely in the upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz.