Star Plus’s popular show, Ishqbaaz is currently focusing on Anika and Shivaay’s love realisation track. Anika and Shivaay are in love but they are still not aware of it. Furthermore, new problems in Oberoi house is also keeping Anika and Shivaay away.

As per the current track, Shivaay is in unconscious state and Anika will confess her feelings for Shivaay. Furthermore, Anika would be surprised after she learns her feelings for Shivaay. Anika will decide to maintain distance from Shivaay in order to stop her feelings for Shivaay.

Whenever Shivaay will come close to Anika, she will hear “pyar ki ghant”, a signal of being in love. Anika will hide herself in cupboard when Shivaay tries to come close to him. Later, Anika will put her head on Shivaay’s shoulder, she will be crying because she is unable to handle her feelings and she is tried. Shivaay will console Anika down and he would be wondering the reason behind weird behavior of Anika. Will Shivaay ever able to propose Anika?