Balaji Telefilm’s weekend show on Zee TV, ‘Brahmarakshas’ has reached the top slot in TRPs in no time. According to the storyline Brahmarakshas who is almost impossible to be defeated is only scared of water, Lotus and Rajgira. However after the entry of Aparajita who is responsible for the creation of Brahmarakshas, things seems to have changed a bit.


In the upcoming episodes it will be shown that when Aparajita and Raina will go out for a walk, Brahmarakshas will try to kill them. To escape from his clutches Raina and Aparajita will run for life and unfortunately they will reach the haveli. There Raina will try to save themselves by throwing water on Brahmarakshas, but none of the things will scare him away. The twist here is that Brahmarakshas will remain undefeated if Aparajita is within 100 mts radius of him. However in the nick of time Rishabh will reach there and save Aparajita and Raina from the clutches of Brahmarakshas.