Sony TV’s Beyhadh is witnessing lots of twists and turns along with lots of drama to brew up in the coming episodes. Life has changed for Arjun and Maya post their marriage and leaving his own house and his loved ones. Maya has kept Arjun just for herself and no one can be so close to him.

Arjun is already quite depressed and disheartened living with Maya after marriage of three years. He has started hating her to the extent that he doesn’t want to stay with her but Maya is not ready to leave him. Maya is celebrating her third marriage anniversary but Arjun is in a different mode altogether. He thinks he has been tortured by Maya all these years. He wants to divorce her but she doesnt want to leave him.

Arjun has been a lone wanderer now. He doesn’t want to be with Maya. Even on their surprise anniversary party he is expressing his hatred towards Maya. But Maya is happy being with him as she is obsessed with him. Even Maya’s mother has not attained a normal life. So why Arjun is so angry with Maya? Why doesn’t Arjun want to stay with Maya? Stay tuned!