Sony Entertainments Television’s popular thriller show, Beyhadh is currently entertaining the viewers with sweet and sour relationship of Maya-Arjun. However, soon Maya will fall in love with Arjun, meanwhile a lot of things would happen in Arjun and Maya’s life. (Read Also: Here’s what going to happen in today’s episode of Beyhadh)

Shared a source, Arjun will go to Maya’s office to get a important papers signed however as usual the guards wouldn’t allow him to go inside the apartment. Hence Arjun will make his entry through a window. Maya gets shocked seeing Arjun. Whereas, Arjun wants Maya to sign the papers. Maya will get agree to sign the deal papers but with a condition!

Maya will only sign the papers if Arjun goes out through the window again. Arjun would be shocked. This would be an interesting moments for viewers! Are you excited?