Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka

Sony TV’s newly launched show ‘Ek Rishta Sajhedaari Ka’ has been steadily garnering attention of the viewers with its fresh and beautiful love story. Ek Rishta produced by Kavita Barjatya productions has the unique appeal of the love stories produced by the Barjatya clan.

In the current track it is shown that after some initial misunderstandings finally Aryan and Sanchi’s marriage is fixed. In the upcoming episodes it will be shown that the Mittal family and Sethia family will go out for a picnic. During the picnic everybody will be seen enjoying and during playing Frisbee Sanchi will be mistakenly pushed in the swimming pool. Twist will be that Sanchi will not know how to swim and to save her Aryan will dive in the pool. Will Aryan be able to save Sanchi in the nick of time like a true hero will be quite interesting to watch!!