Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is witnessing high voltage emotional drama and twists in the upcoming track. Ishwari has realized her mistakes in understanding Sonakshi.

Asha calls Ishwari to meet her urgently. Ishwari comes and Asha discloses that they both still live each other but are not accepting it. She is unnecessary forcing to remarry Dev. Ishwari tells Asha that she also wants their reunion but they are not accepting and understanding it. She urges Asha to support her and thereby she agrees.

Ishwari and Asha make a plan so as to both realise their love for each other. Ishwari asks Asha if she tries to convince Sona for marriage they will both realise. On the other hand Bijoy is very happy to see Dev getting remarried.

Soha comes to know that Dev has agreed to get married to another girl. She gets tensed for Sona and angry with Ishwari as their plan is not working according to them. Soha asks her whether Dev would marry the new girl and she would become her choti ma. Ishwari consoles her saying that this plan would work and her parents will understand each other’s worth in life. Soha understands but is still not sure about everything going accordingly. We hope Ishwari gets successful in her plan.