Star Plus’ Naamkaran has taken an interesting turn post leap where Avni is on a mission to take revenge. But she had hidden her identity and named herself as Ananya. Star Plus’ Naamkaran will now continue to witness a lot of new twists and turns in the upcoming episodes of the daily soap.

Riya has become friends with Ananya (Avni) and they are sharing time with each other. They accidentally meet Ali but Avni cannot disclose her identity to her best friend. But Avni is very happy to see and meet Ali as she remembers her old memories.

On the other hand, Riya hates Avni and she introduces her friend Ananya who is actually Avni and taunts Ali that his friend Avni left him in those difficult times where he needed her; but Ananya will not leave Riya as she is her best friend and she will be there to support her. They both leave and Ali seeing Ananya go thinks that she is some old relation as he could feel emotions for her. Are you excited for the upcoming track of Star Plus’ Naamkaran?