Star Plus’s Naamkaran has already taken a leap and made the viewers glued to their television sets. Avni has a changed personality altogether and the story has taken a U-turn already.

Avni has come to take her revenge from Dayawanti for her mother’s death but it is not an easy task for her to do that. Avni has already entered Dayawanti’s house as a person who wants to write her biography but Dayawanti doesnt allow her. Infact media calls her and tries to trap her but she is quite smart. The media asks her about the interchange of kangan but she is unable to give them an answer.

Avni helps Dayawanti by telling her a way out and the problem is solved. Dayawanti gets impressed by Avni’s method and gives her the permission of writing her biography. She becomes happy but inside Avni thinks that she has taken the first step of revenge by entering Dayawanti’s house. So let’s wait and watch for drama to unfold.