Beyhadh After Leap Story

Beyhadh After Leap Story details: Sony TV’s Beyhadh has already glued all its viewers to the television sets. Maya has already shown a bit of her possessive nature for Arjun. She has created huge gap between Arjun and his mother and brother.

Saanjh was still left but during the Holi episode Maya didn’t like Arjun’s closeness with Saanjh. So now Maya is not going to leave Saanjh either. Its going to be a big leap of 3 years after which Beyhadh is going to rock and roll your chairs and suspense is on a high. According to its new promo, it has made people see it again and again. Maya coming out of a bath and looking quite beautiful and hot. Her red dress and red sindoor is indicative of her pyshotic behaviour in a more intense way. Maya has already suffered a miscarriage.

But Arjun doesn’t seem to be happy. He is on drinks with quite sad and depressed. Hopefully he might have seen Maya’s attitude but is he stuck? We need to find out after watching the episodes. We have re-entry of Saanjh in Arjun and Maya’s lives and a new entry with the dashing Piyush Sahdev. His character is supposed to be full of action. Are you guys excited for it?