Ek Duje Ke Vaaste will witness super duper on the wedding day of Suman and Aditya. The drama bomb could be as big as nuclear revealing all the secretes!

In the coming episode, Aditya and Suman’s marriage day will come. Aditya is now aware about Suman-Shravan relationship and she is marrying him for Nana Jee’s sake. Well, well! Readers brace yourself, here comes a shocking twist!

Shravan will confess to Aditya that theirĀ (ShraMan) relationship is like a married couple!! Ugh, you heard it right, indirectly at least, Shravan will confess it! So finally the BIG day is coming? Not only this, all other misunderstandings will get sorted out and Ramnath’s situation would be like “Naa ghar ka na ghat ka”, exciting?