Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is turning the tables and creating interesting sequences ahead. Saurabh’s haldi ceremony has been witnessed with lots of emotional outbursts of Bijoy and Dev.

Asha getting furious with Dev and Bijoy’s fight lock them in a room. They express hatred and irritation towards each other, promising not to fight for two days left for Dev in the Bose house. Bijoy agrees and pretends to be happy with him.

Bijoy’s BP shoots up and he is admitted to the hospital. The doctor informs about his criticality but thankfully he comes out of danger. In fact he starts behaving very friendly with Dev. He tells all the family members that Dev never forced him to drink; it was his own decision. Everyone is shocked to see the changed behaviour and friendship between Dev and Bijoy. So are you excited to see Bijoy and Dev sharing smiles?