Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has been witnessing lots of twists and emotional outbursts especially of Dev who always misunderstood Sona but she helped him and his family against Khatri. Dev feels guilty for not understanding Sona.

Dev and Sonakshi spend some cute moments together. They realized their mistakes and first time in seven years after their break up they celebrated their anniversary. Soha is also very happy to see them together; a perfect family ” Just Perfect”.

Now we will witness the entry of a Bose member in Dixit house but this time it not Bijoy to create commotion. It’s going to be our beloved Sona’s mom Asha. Asha is passing by Dixit house and Dev tends to see her. He calls her over to meet Sona. She is happy to see Soha but Mamiji comes to spoil the mood. She tries to interfere but Dev assures that he handles everything with care this time. Asha tells Dev to tell Sonakshi to call her up. We hope Dev and Sonakshi remain happy!