Sony Entertainment Television’s Beyhadh has been witnessing lots of courtroom drama as Maya has put allegations on Aayan of sexual assault. Saanjh is fighting his case against Maya.

Maya is a very smart and cruel woman. She can do anything to get back Arjun. She has already created lot of pressure in the courtroom proving Aayan guilty. Vandana is already setback due to Aayan being arrested and now she is heartbroken.

In the coming episodes, She goes to Arjun and Maya with an aim to kill her but Arjun​ stops her. He scolds her for being insane. But after all she is a mother so she goes down on her feet and asks Arjun to give her son Aayan back. She is leaving and suddenly faints. Arjun gets emotional for mother. So let’s see what will Maya do when she sees things going against her?