Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has been one of the most loved shows even after the leap. It’s the brilliant performances given by the talented actors of the show that has brought immense fame to it. Ishwari​ realises that Dev and Sonakshi are very happy together so she decides to reunite them. She calls Sonakshi and plays a trick with her. She tells her to find out a girl for Dev for remarriage. Sona is shocked but reluctantly she agrees and promises Ishwari to do the same.

She meets Dev and tells him about Ishwari’s proposal and the promise she made to her. Dev is shocked and tells her that Ishwari told him to get married to Sonakshi. She is stunned. So what’s the reality? Yes we will tell you what is cooking in the vessel.

Dev comes to meet Ishwari and asks her angrily as to why she met Sonakshi and asked her such a thing. Ishwari also gives a cold reply saying that Sona is Dev’s good friend as well as knows him so well. She is the best person to help him out. She even tells Dev to ask Soha if he has ​any doubts.

Ishwari tells Soha in front of Dev but she agrees to it without any hesitation and reluctance. Dev is shocked to see this. Soha asks Ishwari as to why did she tell Soha to speak lies. Ishwari happily tells Soha that if she wants her mom and dad to become one and stay together she has to follow in her plan. So what is Ishwari’s plan? We will unfold it soon.