Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya, the lead actress in Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein as Ishita Raman Kumar Bhalla. Divyanka Tripathi is a talented actress and she takes every thing seriously in her life. In an interview, Divyanka Tripathi revealed the

Q) Dine out, order in, or cook a meal on weekends?

Dine out, if ever I have a weekend.

Q) Can: cook a five-course meal/make a sandwich/boil water/don’t know how the gas works.

I have attempted to cook a five-course meal. But that usually eats away an entire day from my schedule.

Q) Strictly salads and grilled chicken, or cheese/chocolate cheat for the weekend?

This question makes me feel like I need to take weekends more seriously. My complete cheat days are mostly those when I get to meet my loved ones from Bhopal, Chandigarh or Bengaluru.

Q) Street food that makes your day?

I’m a dahi chaat lover.

Q) Where do you party?

I’m quite lazy when it comes to partying. At the most, I hang out with my close friends and call it a party.

Q) Where do you love getting breakfast?

I love cooking breakfast with my husband (actor Vivek Dahiya), whenever we get the time.

Q) Party till dawn or wake up for yoga at dawn?

I’m nocturnal. So, anything till dawn. Though, now, my husband is trying hard to put my insomnia on the right track.

Q) Books, music or movies?

Books are addictive for me. One can win my company by offering to watch movies with me. And music puts me in a meditative state.