Sony Entertainment Television’s Beyhadh has witnessed a major turn in the story after the leap of 7 years. Arjun and Maya’s relationship has suffered a lot in these 7 years but it has been revealed already that Maya’s psycho love made Arjun a monster towards Maya. However, Arjun has later expressed his love to Maya and that he can’t see her in pain anymore.

As per the current track of Sony TV’s Beyhadh, Maya has blamed Ayaan for raping her and it has left everybody shocked in the daily soap. However, Arjun is seen confirmed but Saanjh is now playing the role of a lawyer and she is seen taking Ayaan’s side in the court but soon a major drama will unfold.

Inside the court room, Maya will take a gun and shot Saanjh leaving everybody shocked. Indeed, it would be a dramatic twist but it could be possible that the whole sequence might be someone’s dream/nightmare? Only time will tell.