Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has been one of the most popular shows on Indian Television with high IMDB ratings.

Khatri has been exposed and Sonakshi has again won Ishwari’s heart. Sona comes to give medicine to Ishwari but she reluctantly says that she doesn’t like the taste of the medicine. When Sona goes Ishwari drinks the syrup and Radha Rani is very happy to see such a thing.

She starts instigating Ishwari against Sonakshi telling that she didn’t take medicine from her as they have not yet changed. Ishwari says that she is not a bad girl, she is just different from them. They were not able to understand each other. Radha Rani instigates again and tells that she has planned remarriage of Dev.

Ishwari comes back and calls Sona. She invites the whole Bose family for dinner. Bijoy doesn’t agree at first but on insistence of family members he follows them. Radha Rani is not happy with this decision of Ishwari calling Bose family for dinner. She even tells Vicky that she will not let Sona enter Dixit house again and spoil her plans. So she decides to call the girl’s family which she chose for Dev. The girl named Aarti enters Dixit house and Bose family is shocked to see her. What will be Ishwari’s next step to stop Radha Rani? Will update you soon.