Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is witnessing high emotional drama and outbursts with Ishwari trying to reunite Dev and Sonakshi.¬†Ishwari realized that Dev is incomplete without Sona but they both are not ready to accept their feelings towards each other.

Dev is shocked to see this. Reluctantly he agrees to meet the girl. Finally Dev and Sonakshi go and meet the girl. Her name is Payal and Vicky instructs her so that Dev can immediately like her agreeing for remarriage.

Dev meets the girl Payal and Sona is shocked to see his attitude towards her. She is jealous of Dev agreeing to marry someone else, the mere thought of doing so makes her disturbed. Dev is trying his level best to make Sona realize her love for him. He even plans a guy who’s a supposed lover of Payal. He comes and slaps him even but Dev doesn’t react.

Sona doubts him and comes to know that he is doing all these things purposely but Dev is adamant to prove that she still loves him alot and doesn’t want him to remarry anyone else. Is Sona going to realize her love for him?