Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhu has witnessed a leap of 7 year and everything have been changed. Sonaskhi is seen as a business woman and Dev has become a casanova.

UMeAurTV: Dev accuses Ishwari and blames her for everything happened. Dev is seen heartbroken after his breakup with Sonakshi. Its Dev’s room and Ishwari comes to him. Ishwari is trying to calm Dev down. However, Dev accuses Ishwari for not supporting him in his decision. Dev blames Ishwari for thinking about herself and ignored Dev when she should support him. Dev says he lost her love but he would be the only person to lose something today. Dev tells Ishwari that she has lost his son today!

Dev says from now, he will not put his head on her lap. He will be careless, selfish person and independent. He will only care about himself. Dev also accuses Ishwari for not able to handle one relation and decided to break his most important relation without even consoling him. Ishwari and Dev are in tears. Hence, Dev has started to live for himself and started taking his own decision. Dev broke his relation with Sonakshi and Ishwari.