Colors’ Dil Se Dil Tak is getting interesting day by day. The drama between Parth and Teni and the way Shorvori is trying to hide the truth of Teni’s pregnancy is becoming difficult.

Payoni and Sejal are not leaving even one chance of irritating Parth and making his life miserable. They both are trying to destroy the peace of the house especially when elders are not present. Dadaji comes and scolds Parth for trying to slap Sejal because of Teni; but Teni tells Dadaji the whole situation as to how she was going to fall and Parth helped her out. He was about to say the truth of Teni being pregnant of their child but Shorvori controls him.

Payoni asks Dadaji if the way Parth dealt was correct or not and he has to apologize to Sejal. Parth refuses to do such as he feels what Sejal did was totally incorrect and whether anyone feels or not he will not be ready for any punishment. So what will Dadaji do now?