Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is witnessing high melodrama with Dev and Bijoy’s tashan continued. Dev is putting his heart and soul by making breakfast, following the rules of Bose house, helping in Saurabh’s marriage but Bijoy is still not happy with him.

In the coming episodes, next is the Haldi drama coming up. Children will be playing cricket and accidentally the ball goes into the Haldi bowl. Bijoy gets irritated and scolds Golu. Dev takes his side but Bijoy howls at him. Asha seeing this locks Bijoy and Dev inside a room where both can fight as much as they want.

Dev and Bijoy start drinking and then play “Truth and Dare” game. Dev asks him why Bijoy hates him so much. He reciprocates and expresses his dissatisfaction with Dev’s behaviour. He tells that he had hurt his daughter so much that she has become a changed personality. They decide not to fight from there on. So do you think Dev will change his attitude towards Bijoy and his beloved Sonakshi?