Here comes another shocking news in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi! Post Ritwik entry and Sonakshi’s relationship with him will completely break Dev! So far in the show, we have seen a Dev who is unable to handle himself in panic situation.

According to a new report, Dev and Sonakshi will get into an heated argument over Ritwik. Shockingly, Sonakshi will support Ritwik and Dev will be completely broken. Dev will be disheartened, he will decide to end up everything.. By suicide attempt!! It will be now seen whether Dev able to commit suicide or not, will Ishwari able to know Dev’s DevDas situation? Keep watching the show to know more!


  1. I hope this will be last straw that will help Ishwari realise her mistake, apologise to Sona & get her back in her Dev’s life…..I hope everything turns alright so that I can start watching this show again

  2. why the makers exploit dev’s tears? it is weird to watch man crying. rather than crying he should take more responsible action usually taken by mature successful bussiness man

  3. seemed mother and son have psyhcological problems. suicide only for those with mental problems who give up easily. they need psychiatrist or psychologist

  4. Sona should get marry to ritwik only…. dev left nathasha for Sona and now left Sona for the sake of mother. . He doesn’t value a feeling of girl.. if he was loving Sona so much he should take correct stand and convince his mother instead he chose for a break-up…. marrying ritwik will be a correct punishment for dev and his mother

  5. Interesting to watch the approach taken by the makers. Will it be navya approach to please couple fans such as shamya n sharica shippers
    Or more realistic approach closed to devdas


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