Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has become all the more interesting after the re-entry of Khatri and Sona being face off with him in the last night episode.

Khatri has already warned Sonakshi to stay away from his and Ishwari’s matter else she will be stuck badly in this case. Sona is tensed and talks to Jatin about this mysterious man. Jatin tells Sonakshi to keep a pace but she is tensed about the matter.

Sonakshi even tries to find out clues by searching in Ishwari’s room but Radha Rani catches her and she leaves. She calls up Jatin to discuss the matter with him and her conversation is overheard by Dev. He takes it for granted that Sonakshi has moved on in her life and she loves Jatin. Dev in a fit of anger leaves Dev mansion and doesn’t come back. Where does Dev disappear leaving his house? Let’s wait and watch.