Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is witnessing lots of high and lows in the series. The re entry of Nikki and Riya have already made the story interesting.

Riya has already made a come back with her family at Dixit house. Everyone are very happy to see them especially Sonakshi who feels that slowly her family is being complete but a guilt at the same time of not disclosing the truth about Nikki and Lakshaya’s live in relationship.

Ishwari also gets the job but is unable to reveal her plans to the whole family. On the other hand Asha is also tensed about the copy of the book which has some offensive words about Dixits. Dev is also tensed as he is hiding Nikki’s truth from Ishwari. Dev feels guilty all the time about his absence from Sonakshi’s life at the time of her pregnancy.

He also imagines himself with Sonakshi being pregnant and supporting her at that time.  But he is guilty for not being there at that time with Sonakshi and Soha. So the throwback reveals Dev’s imagination of Sonakshi’s pregnancy. Are you excited for it?