Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is getting ready to show you guys a big stunning twist!! The loves birds are no longer be seen together, yes you heard it right!

In the coming episode, Dev ends all his relationship with Sonakshi! She will be completed heartbroken and her father will console her. Dev has ended his relationship with Sonakshi because “nothing is more for Dev┬áthan Ishwari”. As we told you guys several times already, the separation of Dev-Sonakshi could happen because of Ishwari and finally its going to happen. Bose family will be very angry on Dev and, Sonakshi will not stop crying.

Sonakshi will be also angry on Dev and her family will say to move on. She will not able to imagine that everything has ended in just a second of time! Sonakshi will get her old job back and yes she will leave the job of “personal nutritionist of Ishwari”. On other, everyone will see the old Dev back, in fact this time he will be more worse than ever before!


  1. I think that this is good, not expected, but good. The brilliant doctor and sweet nutritionist Sona will comeback to her work as a strong wowan, not as a servant on the house of ishwari. She will became more strong, more independent and of course breath taking beautiful woman. Dev will suffer and he’ll know more and more and day after day the precious Sonakshi.

  2. Sona deserve much better treatment than this I agree with her action for joining her old job for her own sanity . At least she should be respected . I think Dev will come around


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