Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is becoming one of the trending topic since yesterday as bunch of twist coming in it’s upcoming episodes. We know thatĀ Dev will break his relationship with Sonakshi for Ishwari.

In the coming episodes,While we already confirmed exclusively that Sonakshi will lose her smile happiness. It’s time to talk about Dev. Viewers will see a new Dev, a man who doesn’t trust on love anymore, who doesn’t believe in smiling, who doesn’t believe in happiness. Dev will get “completely heartbroken” after breakup with Sonakshi. Apparently, his condition will be worse than Sonakshi. It will be now seen whether Ishwari able to notice Dev’s sadness or not?


  1. We cannt see our Dev aka Shaheer broken up…ending up a relationship cannt b end of life…it goes on..ofcourse d view towards d world around us changes..but we cannt see our Dev aka Shaheer in sad mode..

  2. What the hell reply you expect..??? Such a beautiful story now going down hills.. Now Ishwari will notice or not.. Dev is already shattered completely na..?? Now talking about Realistic story… Ab agar Ishwari Dev k changes ko notice kar b leti hai.. To bhi.. The people who is obsessed by nature.. That nature is almost impossible to go.. O God.. This story is making sad..


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