Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is showcasing a lot of interesting twists and turns. We have seen that Dev comes to know about the reality of Ishwari’s job and gets angry as to why is she working at this age and being mother of a wealthy businessman. Dev had taken the promise from Ishwari of not working ever because he never wanted anyone to speak rudely with her.

On other hand, Sonakshi is very happy to see Ishwari doing something of her own but Dev gets furious and stops talking to her. Mamaji sees Dev’s behavior and tries to convince him to understand his mother and her aspirations. Even Sona tries to convince him and at the same time telling Ishwari to fight for her own rights.

Next morning Ishwari doesn’t go to office and starts working on the laptop from home. Sonakshi convinces Dev and he sends a mail saying I Love you Ma to Ishwari. She is very happy and decides to go to office from next morning.

She prepares tiffin for herself and even for Lakshaya. Seeing this Dev gets jealous and asks that why can’t he get his own tiffin. Sona and Elena laugh at Dev’s reactions of jealousy. Are you excited for the same?