Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has already witnessed/witnessing the Dev and Sonakshi breakup. Soon the couple will part their ways for Ishwari and the main story of the show begins.

In the coming episode, Sonakshi’s family console her and suggests her to move and she agrees to do so. Soon viewers will witness a new entry in the show. Apparently, Bose family will find a groom for Sonakshi and she agree for a new relationship with heavy heart. Later, Sonakshi will decide to meet the new guy and Dev will see Sonakshi with a new guy. However, Dev will be jealous-restless but he couldn’t able to do anything.


  1. I think sonakshi should never return to Dev’s life. She won’t be happy with this kind of possessive mother’s son.
    Don’t make it Saas bahu drama. Make it today’s story of a strong woman for whom self respect is more important than emotions


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