Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is about to witness a new entry and since then Ritvik character is creating huge buzz before his entry in the show!

In the coming episode, to change Sonakshi’s mind, Ritwik ask her to go on a date and she agreed. Well, Dev will actually watch Sonakshi and Ritwik together, with teary eyes. He will start losing his control with anger and jealousy! Well, Dev is not go to be silent this time, Ritvik entry is going to trigger the angry young man, Dev! 😉


  1. no use of such teary eyes and anger. it is the consequence he deserves to get. no mistake for sona and ritvik to be together to reach happiness. dev’s family only hurt her and he never stands for her

  2. I don’t understand devs mom…..she’s shown understanding when it comes to her daughter and now for son she’s being super possessive…..neha is the only person who understand s her mom rightly and I feel only she can get back sons….


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