Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will witness some high voltage drama that will lead to Dev and Sonakshi’s reunion.

In the coming episode, Sonakshi and Ritvik’s relationship takes a start. Dev will be very upset. Later, Dev will get Sonakshi’s engagementĀ invitation and he will get into heated argument with Sonakshi. Apparently, Sonakshi’s word will hurt Dev and he will be in heartbroken-unconscious. He will decide to attempt suicide ending up everything… Will the suicide and engagement happen? Lets wait and watch!


  1. is sona like draupadi? who still stands for herhusbands who did not stand for her, even she still return her husbands pride.

    I hope it is not. dev’s family will never respect her. better she reach happiness with ritvik

  2. If Dev can leave her like this at this moment it means after marriage if there is any conflict between sonakshi and his mother he will ask her to go from his house. Which is not right? Ishwari expecting too much. Ishwari never let them leave happily.


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