Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is showing some interesting twists and turns with lots of emotional drama. Sonakshi has gone back to Bose House on insistence of Ishwari in front of Bijoy.

Ishwari keeps a proposal for Dev to either marry Sona or some other​ girl. Dev says no to her proposal and Ishwari accepts his views but she keeps a condition of marrying some other girl else she will not accept him as his son as well as being his mother. Dev tells Sona about Ishwari’s proposal conditions of marrying either Sonakshi or some other girl. Sona says her father will be the most happiest person if Dev gets married. Dev asks Sona about her outlook on this issue. Sona tells Dev to get married to some other girl as they both can’t live together, they can only be friends

While driving Sona sees a lady and girl standing for an auto. Sona recognises them to be the same as in the photo. Dev and Sona see them going inside Khatri’s room. They both overhear Khatri saying to them that Ishwari did such lot of wrong things with them.

Dev enters Khatri’s house and tries to meet the family but they are very angry with them. In fact the daughter takes her irritation on Dev with a knife to hurt him. Khatri adds fuel to fire inciting the girl. Dev learns about the whole incident. When he gets back to his house he is very disturbed and lashes out at Ishwari blaming her for the theft and spoiling the family. He even says that he used to take her as God but she doesn’t deserve to be one. Hold your breath it’s just a dream sequence!