Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar ke Aise Bhi is making waves with the entry of Khatri and his interactions with Sonakshi. He is warning her to stay away and now he has threatened her to open the hidden secret of Ishwari in front of the whole world especially Dev.

Sonakshi is in the process of finding out Dev and ultimately she finds​ him at his farm house where they had a break up. She sees Khatri there who is all set to tell Dev about Ishwari and her hidden secrets. Sona knows Dev and doesn’t want Khatri to tell Dev anything.

When Khatri reaches at the farm house where Dev is, he unfolds the mystery behind Ishwari. He tells him that Ishwari did a theft in one of the houses where there was a marriage the same night. She did all this for Dev so that he could go to a better school and become a successful person. What will be Dev’s reaction learning this truth. Huh! Let’s wait and watch.