Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is one of the best shows on Indian Television being relatable with the ordinary people.

As mentioned earlier, Dev and Sonakshi tell about Nikki and her love for a guy but still their live in relationship is not revealed. Ishwari calls up all her daughters for a family photo including Nikki along with her boyfriend Lakshaya. Ishwari is unaware of Lakshaya her own boss being Nikki’s live in partner. Sona and Dev are tensed hearing all this and try to stop Nikki but she comes with him and a high voltage drama follows.

Nikki seeing all this gets angry with Dev and Sonakshi leaving the Dixit house again. Dev and Sonakshi are tensed as well as shocked to see the whole situation. She tells Dev to make ma understand the whole situation.

Dev tries to convince Ishwari to go and see the apartment where they live together and then jump to some conclusions. Ishwari goes to meet Nikki and Lakshaya at their apartment but they decide to move out from there. What will be Ishwari’s reaction to it? Let’s wait and watch.