Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is witnessing high voltage drama and twists with Dev agreeing to remarry again with some one else. Ishwari has planned things in a way both Dev and Sonakshi can realise their love for each other. A new girl named Nisha entered the Dixit house already and Dev agreed to marry her.

She actual she is jealous so Sona goes to office where Dev comes to get his shervani selected by Sona for the engagement. Dev is making all his attempts to make Sona feel for him. He is irritating her now and then.

Later Dev and Nisha decide to get engaged initially and rest will set in consecutively. Ishwari will be seen tensed as the preparation for Dev’s engagement will begin at the Dixit house.

Dev will be hopefully, he will expect Sonakshi to realise her feelings and stop the engagement. But there is a twist in the tale. Engagement will not be as simple as it seems. Will it be? We will let you know next week. Meanwhile, you can keep guessing!