Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is one of the most loved shows on Indian Television with it’s leads Dev and Sonakshi being the hit jodi. We have seen Sonakshi getting extremely jealous on Dev accepting Payal.

Later Dev continues with his plan and his relationship breaks with Payal post entry of her supposed lover. Later yet another girl will enter the show, her name would be Nisha and the character will be played by Asma Badar. Dev does everything intentionally to make Sonakshi realise her love for him. Nisha comes to meet Dev with her whole family, they both agrees for marriage.

The next day Nisha again comes to meet Dev. Radha Rani sends her to Dev’s room. Meanwhile Sonakshi also comes to Dixit house to find out the new developments. Radha Rani likes to do some or the other evil tricks so she plans to send Sonakshi to Dev’s room.

When Sonakshi goes to meet Dev he sees Sonakshi and wants to make her feel jealous. So he takes out a Gajra and puts over Nisha’s hair! Sonakshi gets frustrated and irritated with it. Do you think will Dev be able to make Sona realise about her love for him?