Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is witnessing one of the most important tracks with the re entry of Sonakshi back to Dixit house. We have seen¬†Ishwari asks for the house keys to give it to Sonakshi, Radha Rani reluctantly gives the keys to Ishwari to hand over to Sonakshi. Radha Rani feels jealous and irritated. Ishwari hands over the the responsibility of the whole house to her Bahu.

In the coming episodes, Sonakshi tries to call Riya. Riya picks up the call. Sonakshi introduces herself and she wants to talk to her. Riya angrily warns her not to call her again and bangs the phone. She tells Dev about the phone call to Riya and convinces him to go and meet Riya.

Dev plans to go to meet Riya. Dev doesn’t know about Riya’s daughter even. He meets her and apologizes for all his negligence especially to Riya and Nikki as well as Neha. He sees Riya’s daughter who calls him Mamu and Dev gets emotional.

He pleads Riya to come back to her house. Riya accepts it and says she has been waiting for her Dev Bhai to come back to take her home. Are you excited to see the old characters back at Dixit house?