Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is going to witness one of the most important. The reality of Nikki and Lakshaya’s relationship is known to Dev and Sonakshi but not Ishwari.

Nikki and Lakshaya are living in an apartment together in a live in relationship. This truth has been revealed to Dev and Sonakshi as well. Riya has forgiven Dev and come back home. Even she knows the reality of Nikki but Sonakshi says that it will take time for her to realize everything.

Ishwari by mistake gets a job in Lakshaya’s office and joins it without telling anyone at home. Sonakshi plans a dinner with Dev and Ishwari so that they can all spend time together. They all go out for dinner at a restaurant and Dev and Sonakshi even plan to tell them Nikki’s reality. Ishwari also thinks the same but both are unable to do so.

Ishwari sees Raman Lakshaya’s manager at the same restaurant and Sonakshi, Dev see Nikki and Lakshaya together. They all try to hide the reality from each other and ultimately come out of the restaurant. So are you excited for the upcoming commotion at the restaurant?