Dev and Sonakshi’s love story has never been simple. They had always been facing problems and twists-turns daily in their life. However, Dev and Sonakshi still loves each other in Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.

In the episodes to come on-air, Dev and Nisha will share a romantic moment and Sonakshi will be irked of it. She won’t be able to see Dev becoming romantic with someone other than her, Nisha will notice the same.

Nisha will ask everyone to come and she will be seen fuming in anger and creating a big drama. Nisha will also call Asha, Ishwari and every family members. She will be seen confronting Dev and Sonakshi together.

Nisha will ask Dev first to reveal whether he still loves Sonakshi or not, whether he still feels for Sonakshi. Dev will be mum while Sonakshi will look, Nisha will be seen quite angry and miffed. Apparently, this would be big twist in the show! Are you excited?