Sony Entertainment Televisiion’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has been entertaining the viewers with the most awaited Dev and Sonakshi’s reunion track. The most unique proposal was seen once again inn the show when Sonakshi on her knees proposed Dev Dixit.

Sonakshi and Dev’s engagement happened as they exchanged a ring made of coffee cup’s paper. Ishwari, Bijoy and both families have already accepted Dev and Sonakshi’s relationship, everything has once again became positive.

In the upcoming track, Dev and Sonakshi’s remarriage will be on cards but Dev and Sonakshi will decide to postpone it. But why? A source revealed to us, “Dev and Sonakshi meet each other and recollect their past relationship and those seven years which they lived without each other.”

“They even apologize to each other but now they decide to move on happily in their future. Dev and Sonakshi tell their families to give them some time so that they can relax and enjoy their present life before getting remarried. We are yet to witness some beautiful romantic moments. Are you happy with Dev and Sonakshi’s new decision?