Image Courtesy: SETIndia

Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has left everyone spell bound with reunion of our own Devakshi. The romantic moments between Dev and Sonakshi have been enthralling the viewers.

Sona and Dev have finally reunited realising their love and worth of their relationship. Sona proposes Dev in the most romantic way a girl can do. With a ring in her hand and sitting on her knees, I know guys would love some one like Sonakshi to propose them. It’s not always the guys; it can be the other way round too. Whatever it may be, but finally the fandom is celebrating their​ reunion.

In the coming episodes, Dev goes back and gives Ishwari the good news she has been waiting for. Both the families rejoice in their respective homes. Sona loves to see the banner in her home with Mrs Dixit written on to it. Amidst all this someone is furious and jealous. Yes it is Radha Rani and Vicky who are again planning some tricks.

Dev and Sonakshi meet each other and recollect their past relationship and those seven years which they lived without each other. They even apologize to each other but now they decide to move on happily in their future. Dev and Sonakshi tell their families to give them some time so that they can relax and enjoy their present life before getting remarried. We are yet to witness some beautiful romantic moments. Are you excited for the new track?