Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi will finally showcase the most awaited Dev and Sonakshi’s reunion track. Not only the reunion is to be seen but the romance will blossom in Dev and Sonakshi’s life also.

Post Sonakshi confessing her love to Dev and their reunion, Dev and Sonakshi will be seen dancing. Dev will first dancing in Sonakshi’s crazy steps and ask Sonakshi to join him. The lady will laugh seeing Dev’s craziness.

Eventually Sonakshi will too agree to dance with Dev. Sonakshi and Dev will dance together in a craziest way, the same way we had seen before the leap. As per the track, Sonakshi finally realised her feelings.

Before the dance, we will see Sonakshi questioning Dev as to why was he angry with her. They keep on arguing making each other realise that they still love. Sonaskhi asks him that he should speak out his feelings to her and Dev also tells her the same.” Sonakshi’s love confession for Dev will make happy for sure! Are you excited?