Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is one of the most loved shows on Indian Television. The fans worship Sonakshi and Dev as a beautiful couple just like as in stories. Before the leap they were shown in deep love and great understanding but circumstances have taken a reverse order after the leap.

After the leap, Sonakshi has become a serious and ambitious businesswoman with minimal conversation and Dev has become a flirty and free bird. Dev with the same attitude has entered Bose house to fulfill Soha’s wish of her parents staying together. But things are still not in control between Sonakshi and Dev.¬†Sonakshi and Dev love each other immensely but they don’t¬†want to accept it.

In the coming episodes, Dev keeps on telling Sonakshi to change herself as she has become like the Dev seven years back with being just a rude person. Sonakshi gets irritated with these words of Dev and they have a big fight amongst them. Sonakshi doesn’t want herself to be compared with the same old Dev she once loved. And to the relief, the rescuer is none other than the most sensible lady in the whole Bose family, Asha who cools down their fight and maintain peace. So are Sonakshi and Dev back on the old track with realising their love for each other one fine day? Let’s wait and watch.